What Works for Women at Work

What Works for Women at Work

by Joan C. Williams and Rachel Dempsey


An essential resource for any working woman, What Works for Women at Work is a comprehensive and insightful guide for mastering office politics as a woman. Authored by Joan C. Williams, one of the nation’s most-cited experts on women and work, and her daughter, writer Rachel Dempsey, this unique book offers a multi-generational perspective on the realities of today’s workplace. Often women receive the message that they have only themselves to blame for failing to get ahead: —Negotiate more! –Stop being such a wimp! –Stop being such a witch! What Works for Women at Work tells women it’s not their fault. The simple fact is that office politics often benefit men over women.

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“[T]ransforming what could have been dry and impenetrable statistics into attention-grabbing revelations,” Spar wrote (specifically mentioning The New Girls Network), Williams and Dempsey offer some “quiet but powerful insights.” “What women need, and what Williams and Dempsey neatly provide, are strategies for maneuvering through the complex patterns of the workplace.” She concludes that the book is “bound to be helpful, especially to women just embarking on their careers or those plotting the next step.”
 – Debora Spar, The New York Times Book Review

“Though the book focuses on female/male relations, much of its advice is solid career counsel for anyone looking to move up.” 
– Susan Adams, forbes.com

“Written by a mother-daughter duo, this decidedly unwonky examination of gender bias doubles as a playbook on how to transcend and triumph.” 
– O, the Oprah Magazine

“This book isn’t merely an analysis of the unfairness women face, but of strategies to help them succeed in spite of it.”
 – Jena McGregor, Washington Post, “Leadership Books to Watch for in 2014”

“Compelling…Chances are, if you’re a boomer woman like me, you’ll find yourself recommending What Works for Women at Work to some of the younger generation of women coming up behind you. I’ve already ordered two copies for my twenty-something nieces.”
Kerry Hannon, NextAvenue.org

“What could a white female COO whose net worth is more than $1 billion tell a black female writer like me about how to succeed professionally? Fortunately there’s a new book that picks up where ‘Lean In’ left off….The strategies in What Works for Women at Work have been working for me.” – Joshunda Sanders, XOJane.com

“Forty years later, gender bias shouldn’t exist in the workplace, but it does, in large part because many of us don’t recognize its most common forms. That’s a pitfall—and for me, at least, a pratfall. Reading What Works for Women would be a good first step in avoiding both.”
Theodore Kinni, Strategy+Business

“What Works for Women at Work…dissects the four ways that gender bias undermines working women, and gives a range of options for fighting back.”
Katherine Lewis, about.com

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