For Postdocs & Graduate Students

Workshops for Postdocs & Graduate Students

Two factors have stalled women’s advancement in science: implicit bias and lack of family-friendly policies. Mary Ann Mason, UC Berkeley, and Joan C. Williams, UC Hastings, have engaged in more than 20 years of original research to determine when and why women drop out of the pipeline and to develop tools to help universities retain women scientists.

Do Babies Matter? II (15 mins)

This workshop addresses the fact that although women now receive more than 50% of PhDs, there are far fewer women than men at the top of the academic hierarchy; these women at the top are paid somewhat less than men, and they are much less likely than men to have children. Three versions are offered: version I is focused on women in STEM field; version II covers postdoctoral scholars and graduate students; version III covers academic women in all disciplines.

Introduction Workshop (postdocs focus)

Double Jeopardy?: How Gender Bias Differs by Race (24 mins)

This workshop explores how the experience of gender bias differs by race. It’s based on a study that was done for Tools for Change where we interviewed 60 women of color in science. What we have done is look specifically at how women of color experience gender bias and how that experience differs from the experience of white women.

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What Works for Women at Work (22 mins)

This workshop gives women individual strategies for navigating workplaces that are shaped by implicit bias. It takes 35 years of experimental social psychology studies and boils them down into four patterns. This module teaches women to recognize the patterns and also offers them very concrete strategies for how to navigate these patterns successfully.

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