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Do Babies Matter?
Gender and Family in the Ivory Tower

by Mary Ann Mason, Nicholas H. Wolfinger, and Marc Goulden

Do Babies Matter is a pioneering, comprehensive examination of the effects of family over the career span of academics. It draws on over a decade of research, using such unprecedented data resources as the Survey of Doctorate Recipients and multiple surveys of faculty and graduate students at the ten-campus University of California system.

Individual chapters consider graduate school, how recent PhD recipients get into the academic game, the tenure process, and life after tenure. The authors explore the family sacrifices women often have to make to get ahead in academia and discuss how gender and family interact to affect promotion to full professor, salaries, and retirement. Concrete strategies are suggested for transforming the university into a family-friendly environment at every career stage. Purchase Online

Equitable Solutions for Retaining a Robust STEM Workforce: Beyond Best Practices

by Donna Joyce Dean, Janet Bandows Koster

Equitable Solutions for Retaining a Robust STEM Workforce: Beyond Best Practices,” a new book from the Association for Women in Science (AWIS) that addresses work/life integration and satisfaction issues faced by those in STEM careers, will premiere at the AAAS national conference in Chicago, February 15. The project was funded by the Elsevier Foundation.Although work/life satisfaction is typically regarded as a women’s issue, “Equitable Solutions for Retaining a Robust STEM Workforce: Beyond Best Practices,” finds that it is an issue that crosses gender lines. Co-authored by Donna Joyce Dean, Ph.D., an expert on scientific and technical workforce issues, and Janet Bandows Koster, Executive Director of AWIS, the book was developed to provide both academic and private sector STEM work environments with the tools they need to retain their workforce, especially women. Purchase Online

What Works for Women at Work

by Joan C. Williams and Rachel Dempsey

An essential resource for any working woman, What Works for Women at Work is a comprehensive and insightful guide for mastering office politics as a woman. Authored by Joan C. Williams, one of the nation’s most-cited experts on women and work, and her daughter, writer Rachel Dempsey, this unique book offers a multi-generational perspective on the realities of today’s workplace. Often women receive the message that they have only themselves to blame for failing to get ahead: —Negotiate more! –Stop being such a wimp! –Stop being such a witch! What Works for Women at Work tells women it’s not their fault. The simple fact is that office politics often benefit men over women. Purchase Online.